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The world worships an original. Isabella is the unintentional goddess. She shines a light on the meaning of ephemeral. Moving in and moving on, leaving the devoted in her wake. Unaware of the power of her precocious personality.

Despite her self-doubt, she takes on each day with a child-like wonder, hoping to extract every last drop. She always leaves us thirsty for more.

Upon entering a room, she owns it. Her presence is tangible; her point-of-view, undeniable. Despite her magnetic personality, she prefers simple and unassuming.

Because just below that polished, sophisticated surface is a tender, enigmatic soul that values character over charisma. This is just one of her secrets. Get close to her, and she will reveal more.

You can hardly go lightly with Audrey. Outwardly cheeky but beneath the intrepid exterior is a sensitive, intricate spirit - a spider web of intensity. Fierce is her approach to tackling the world. Delicate is her reaction to it. She is sought after for these dichotomous charms.

But with characteristic attitude and poise, she advances through life, making statements and making things happen. We're waiting to see what's next.

Lucky Stella. She moves through the world, having everything without wanting anything - the benefit of living true to herself. She threatens to be the most free-spirited even while those around her struggle for identity.

Stella is complicated but never compromises her integrity. She is not without her faults, but always seems to keep it together and come out on top. We expect that to continue.

The Lauren Bashawl Booty Shawl.

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The Isabella Wrapalini Booty Shawl.

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